Brought to you by Laura Keats, creator and executive producer of Discovery’s Pitbulls & Parolees.

Star of the TV Show The Diamond Collar, “Discovery Family Channel”
Former mobster James Guliani turned his back on a life of crime to dedicate himself to rescuing animals. The New Yorker who’s been behind bars, has spent his formative years working for some of Americas most infamous crime families. James has now dedicated his life to rescuing animals and runs The Diamond Collar pet store.
Each day, James is called to the rescue across New York. From rescuing abandoned dogs, to caring for turtles, any animal in need of help is rescued. After their rescue James ensures they receive any care needed and then looks to rehome each and everyone.

Episode summaries:
- James introduces Lulu, a tiny rescue puppy, and brings her to Dr. Pernice to check her bow legs. James is called to rescue an abandoned dog “Haggred” at the beach. Introduction to 66 – one of Kenos main dogs
- James feeds Demi the baby squirrel. James and Vini pick up Haggred and introduce him to Kenos. James is also called to rescue a raccoon which has to be put down.
- James takes in a chihuahua from an emotional owner who is about to be made homeless. After Dr. Pernice checks him out, James old pal Tommy comes by for a visit.
- James has to deal with a break in at The Diamond Collar but ends the episodes visiting a Doors concert
- A benefit is thrown to raise money from the community in response to the break in at The Diamond Collar.
- Reptiles come to Kenos. Dr Pernice asks James to take in some turtles and a unwanted puppy is dropped off at The Diamond Collar. James and Vinnie go to rescue animals that have been left along at home for over 3 weeks.
- A hard decision. James has been called to rescue 3 dogs but struggles with enough space for them. A dying lady asks James to take her two dogs and another of James’s rescues has been given only two days to live.


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