George The Farmer

George the Farmer is a brand-new interactive animated kids series that takes children on exciting adventures around a working farm, showing us how healthy food is grown and used to support little growing bodies.

George is known and loved by everyone — happy and fun-loving. Each day, there is lots of work to be done and with his trusty dog Jessie by his side, they get to work carrying out each activity with fun, adventure and most importantly a huge smile.

And, George’s family are right there to help with all of the work. George’s wife, Doctor Ruby, is a force to be reckoned with! Always able to lend a helping hand and offer advice to tackle any problem, Doctor Ruby helps us understand the importance and power of team work and helping each other.

Joined by their two, young, hands-on, children — twins Lucy and Jack, the family take on the daily challenges on the farm with enthusiasm and most of all — a lot of fun.

Throughout each episode’s adventure, children will learn about all the exciting animals and plants that the family tends to everyday, and the importance of caring for our land. Every journey across the farm will provide an understanding of measurement, colours, weather, sounds, sorting and machinery.

George and his family have lots of farming friends. We will visit loads of different farms throughout the series — from blueberry and almond farmers, to potato growers and wool producers — there are endless stories to be told.

George the Farmer provides a unique opportunity, through fun, food and farming adventures, to teach children about how to nurture the land we live on, to be considerate, the importance of sustainability and to always be creative when solving a problem.

George the Farmer treatment.


  • 52 x 11’