Outcome Unknown

This is a show about wonder and revolution. The wonder of the new genetic science bringing us the revolution that is life reimagined and how it will affect all of our lives in ways we’re only starting to see.

It is not a series about dry facts and complicated jargon. It will show the viewer what these new discoveries are and, by exploring the ‘unsettled science’ that the new genetics has brought us, what it will mean for everyone and everything on the planet.

Our host and scientists will explain how genetics and the science behind it are the engine room that have driven our lives, in ways we do not even realise, and how the future will be changed forever. Explosive graphics and experiments will bring this series to life, giving the viewer amazing facts and information that explain why genetics is the game changer of our future.

This new era means that the primal forces of natural selection and random mutation no longer need control us. Now we have the power to choose non‑natural selection and non-random mutation to control our lives and our world. How would you feel if you could use science to become super human? Are Spiderman and Deadpool really the stuff of myth?

Each episode of Outcome Unknown (Life Reimagined) will reveal an entirely different big picture created by genetics. From medical drugs, to where cures for terminal diseases are being found, to how evidence is now processed from crime scenes, to body enhancements, to designer babies, to new foods and fuels, the viewer will see that the reach of this science is without limit.

The show will be fast-paced and fun and will take the viewer on a guided journey of understanding of Why We Are Us, What’s New, and Where To From Here? Prepare to be entertained, shocked, and taken into a completely new future world.


Outcome Unknown Treatment


  • 6 x 60' HD